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Room Additions
A well planned room addition can enhance the style of your home as well as provide newfound space, comfort and livability. There are many reasonsĀ for adding living space to your home. Perhaps your growing family needs another bedroom or bathroom, mabey you are starting a business and need a home office. Or mabey your spouse is dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen! Whatever the reasonĀ an addition to your home may solve your living space requirements. As you plan your addition project it is important to ensure that the contruction of your room is safe, meets state and local laws, and is carefully estimated to fit within your budget.

Adding on to a house can be disruptive to your life, your household operations, your personal finances, and your family relationships. But the design and contruction process can also be exciting and gratifying as you see your plans come to fruition! Furthermore, you may realize substantial savings by building a room addition instead of relocating and incurring real estate transaction costs.

The two basic types of room additions include horizontal and vertical additions. If you have space and necessar clearance on your property, a horizontal addition to the main living area of your house can greatly increase it comfort level and usability. Horizontal room additions generally require new footings and foundations to support the new space. This could involve raising your roof line or extending your roof with a shed or gable dormer. If your budget does not permit an expensive addition, you may be able to add a screened porch or sunroom more economically.
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