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Do you guarantee your work?
All of the work we do is guaranteed for a full 1-5 years (depending on the quality of the materials selected by owner). If there are any defects in our workmanship, we come back promptly for free!

Do you do "free" estimates?
Yes we do! Our initial consultation is free of charge. This usually takes place at your home where we will discuss your plans and give you a verbal quote.
We do charge for all design, estimating, specifying and feasibility work beyond this point. This work is almost always required in order to determine an accurate cost for your specific project.
If you feel that you would like to move foward we will generate a design/build agreement based on your specific goals and budget. This allows us to do the work necessary to design and estimate the cost of your project without any obligation to the actual construction of the project.

I’ve heard stories of contractors starting a job and then leaving before it’s finished or taking forever because they come and go. When you start my job will you stay until it’s finished?
We have heard these stories too and we do absolutely everything possible to keep your project moving along quickly. Many of these stories stem from contractors spreading themselves too thin. We never take on more projects than we can handle at any given time and therefore our projects rarely sit idle. If there is work that can be done on a given day, someone will be there working.

Should I consider moving out of my house during the remodel?
Remodeling can be a little inconvenient and messy, especially when it comes to interior living spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. However, most of our projects are completed while our clients occupy their homes. Our clients find our team of mature craftsmen and professional tradesmen to be very courteous, conscientious and accommodating. But, if your project is extensive, it may become more practical for you to temporarily move out. You can discuss you specific situation with us prior to scheduling your project.

Do you guarantee your prices?
We can guarantee the cost of labor, however, we cannot guarantee the cost of materials. The cost of materials can literally fluctuate from day to day. Also, If you ask for different materials or additional work is needed, the price will change. You will be informed immediately if and whenever this occurs.
In order to know whether something has changed requires that every task and item be clearly spelled out in writing so there is a clear record of the agreement. All Phase Remodeling & Mechanicals, Inc. provides very detailed proposals so you will know exactly what was included and what wasn’t. As a result, we rarely have any misunderstandings.

What’s the difference between an estimate and a price?An “Estimate” is just that “an Estimate”. It can and most likely will change. Many contractors lack the ability and/or patience to produce accurate estimates and tend to “guesstimate” the costs based on very little information. This method offers you no protection against cost escalation.
A “Price” is generally fixed (depending on your written agreement) and usually is based on more detailed information taken from the site visit and/or drawings. A price generally requires a fixed set of specifications and scope of work and therefore requires a great deal of “pre-planning” and designing. This method offers the most in the way of price protection. Usually the client and the contractor agree (in writing) on a fixed scope and fixed price.
These are general definitions. It all depends on the terms set forth in the contract. All Phase Remodeling & Mechanicals, Inc. does almost all jobs on a “fixed” price.

How do you handle Change Orders?

All work that constitutes an additional charge will be done through a written Change Order. These are done weekly and if for some reason that is not possible you will at least be kept informed until we can produce a Change Order. This way you will always know what we are doing and where you stand financially. This eliminates the “surprises” at the end of your project and allows you to make sound financial decisions, upgrades for example, along the way.

Should I get other estimates before proceeding?
Getting other estimates is a personal decision. Only you can decide if will you feel comfortable having not gotten other estimates. It’s very easy to compare prices but very difficult to compare scopes of work and specifications and even more difficult to compare service and craftsmanship. All too often people are tempted by a lower price and live to regret it when they don’t get the job they expected or worse, things start falling apart. Our advice has always been - hire a contractor you trust and feel confident will do a professional job for you. Gain this confidence by doing your due diligence – check references and ask lots of good questions.
A recent report published by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry confirmed that 91% of the homeowners that “seriously considered only one or two remodeling contractors” were completely satisfied. Satisfaction rates dropped significantly for those considering several contractors.

How can I be sure I will get a quality job at a fair price?
This is closely related to the question above. However, bear this in mind - REPUTATION, REPUTATION and REPUTATION! If you have chosen a contractor that has an impeccable reputation for doing quality work in the community, chances are high that you will get a good job at a fair price.
Again, words of caution though – check references and visit the jobsite to see the work first hand. Any reputable contractor will welcome the chance to show off his work.

I’ve had projects completed in the past that seemed to be “designed” as the contractor went along; we didn’t really know what we were getting nor what it was really going to look like until the end and the whole project seemed very inefficient. How can I be sure I will get what I want?
All of our projects are carefully designed and planned through our integrated design process. We design your project thoroughly, plan it out thoroughly, estimate it, specify it and quote it thoroughly – all upfront, before we start.
You will know EXACTLY what we are doing and what it will cost before we even get the permit.

Will I be able to select the actual products for my project?

Yes. All products like doors, hardware, trim, windows, siding, plumbing and electrical fixtures, flooring, paint colors, you select all specialty items, etc., with our guidance. These are normally chosen to closely match the existing items in your home or specific design tastes. We will provide a special worksheet and checklist that will identify all of the products that need to be selected by you.

I’ve had incompetent and unfriendly workers in my home before. Can you tell about whom you plan to have in my home?

We have been told numerous times by our clients that they will “miss us when were gone.” In fact I’ve been asked several times by some of our suppliers (local lumber yards) “how have you managed to find such a good group of guys?”
All of the people we employ are clean, enjoyable people with very friendly personalities - all of which you will gladly welcome into your home. Just ask any of our references and they’ll gladly confirm this.



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