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Attic remodeling is a great way to utilize wasted space in the attic or dormer areas of your home, not typically used by homeowners. Whether your finishing or remodeling your attic, it is a great way to increase value in your home. The unused attic space in your home can be used for an additional bathroom, recreation room, home office space or any specific desired type of living space. All Phase Remodeling & Mechanicals, Inc. specializes in attic remodeling and finishing, which increases the value and function of your home.

Many people are finding that there are numerous benefits to remodeling their attics and making use of the space that is added. This has brought on a rash of new home improvement projects where people are using the wasted space in the attics to a new a valuable living space. The undertaking should be done by professional remodelers and can be a bit daunting to say the least, but the finished product is normally something to be proud of.


Before any basement remodeling or basement finishing projects can take place there must be a basement waterproofing inspection to make sure your basement doesn't leak, walls aren't cracked, there are no signs of moisture and there isn't mold present. These precautions will help insure the health and safety of your family and it will also prevent any leaks that couuld cause damage to your newly remodeled or finished basement. All Phase Remodeling & Mechanicals, Inc. will assess and execute a basement waterproofing plan if necessary. 

We will eliminate moisture in your wet basement and leaks in your foundation to keep your basement safe from the kinds of damage too much moisture can cause before we do any remodeling work. After the job is done, we can move foward with planning a basement remodel or basement finishing project.  
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